October 2019

Carol Besenti
“Husband was there for approximately 3 months. Most of staff was GREAT, of you always have a few that are not. Only complaint he had was the same type of food every week it seemed like. Staff treated my daughter and I very good.”
August 2019
Brandi Lynn Dominguez

“My mom went in last Monday, and she wanted to die. She literally said “I want to die, let me die” over and over. The staff and our family worked together to help motivate her to the point where we’re now talking about her future.”

“The facility is small, so they have time for Individualized care & one on one talks with the family. It’s clean, and the patients are well kept.”

“I know some of you reading this review are in tears as you make a very hard decision about whether or not to use this facility for your loved one: Trust me when I say you can rest assured that your loved one will be cared for.”